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Morning Thrive - "Circumstances"

Written by Pastor Craig Etheredge  |  Found in: Morning Thrive


Hey everybody!  Welcome back to Morning Thrive!  We're talking about how to hear the voice of God. We said we hear through God's Word, we hear it through godly people, and here's another thing: sometimes we hear and discern the voice of God and the direction of God through circumstances. There's an old story about a guy who was caught into a flood and he was up on top of his house, and he just started praying, "God, would You save me from this flood?" And his neighbor was on his house and he threw him a rope and said, "Grab a hold of the rope and I'll pull you over to my house!" And he said, "No, God's going to save me." Later the water got higher and a boat came by and they said, "Get in the boat!" And he said, "No, I trust in God to save me." So the boat went on. And finally a helicopter flew over his house and they said, "We're going to lower down a ladder, you've got to grab it!" And he said, "No, I'm trusting God to save me." Then the man drowned. He went up to heaven and said, "God, what happened? I was trusting you to save me! You said You were going to save me!" And God said, "I sent you a rope, and a boat, and a helicopter, what else did you need?" There's sometimes God brings circumstances into our life that are clearly God! They just wouldn't happen by chance this way. This circumstantial meeting, or this conversation, or the way that this check came in the mail right when you needed it, or whatever the circumstance may be, it's clearly God leading you down that path. The apostle Paul many times said, "Pray for me for an open door to the Gospel." Other times he would say, "The Lord shut a door for me." He was always looking for circumstances to varify God's direction. So what circumstance is God bringing into your life? And are you ignoring the messages that He's sending you? Trust God today with your circumstances.

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Pastor Craig Etheredge

Senior Pastor