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Morning Thrive - "People"

Written by Pastor Craig Etheredge  |  Found in: Morning Thrive


Hey everybody!  Welcome back to Morning Thrive!  We're talking about how to hear the voice of God, and we said yesterday you hear the voice of God just by reading the Bible! To say that God doesn't speak with a closed Bible is like saying, "Nobody's calling me!" When your phone is off! You have to have your Bible open to hear from God. But another way God speaks is through people. In the Old Testament, God would speak through prophets, people like Elijah, and Jeremiah, and Hosea, and Obediah: these great prophets that spoke the Word of God. And so hearing them was really hearing God speak to them. Today, God speaks through pastors and leaders as they preach the Word of God. Many times you will be sitting in church and listening to God's Word and God will speak to you through a person. Even the apostle Paul said, "It's as if God is speaking through me to you, be reconciled to God." So God speaks to us through people like that. But it doesn't always have to be someone on a platform. It can be somebody that we know very well: maybe our family members, maybe our children, maybe good friends that we have that give us godly, wise council. And you say, "You know what? I really believe that that's from God." Here's the thing: this is why it's so important to surround yourself with godly people who walk with God, who have a track record of knowing and walking with Jesus, so when you do hear from them you can trust that it comes from the Lord. So who are you surrounding yourself with? Are you surrounding yourself with godly people that speak God's truth? That's how you hear from God. Have a good day!

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Pastor Craig Etheredge

Senior Pastor