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Morning Thrive - "Putting Others First"

Written by Pastor Craig Etheredge  |  Found in: Morning Thrive

“Putting Others First”

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Morning Thrive. We’re talking this week about leadership that puts others first. I was with our staff team not too long ago, and I took a markerboard and drew a vertical line down it. On the left side I asked them, ”What would you call a basketball player that only keeps the ball all the time?” And they said, ball hog and showboat. Then I said, “What do you call a soldier that runs when they encounter the enemy?” They put coward, and I said, “What do you call a business leader who gives himself raises all the time and cuts everyone else’s pay?” And they said, selfish and greedy. And I said, “What do you call a person when you go on a date and they only want to talk about themselves?” They said, narcissistic!  So, you know all of those are on the left side. Then I flipped it over and I asked, “What do you call a basketball player that always gives assists?” They said, a selfless player and a team player. “What do you call a soldier who jumps on a grenade to protect his teammates?” And they said, hero. “What do you call a business leader that takes a pay cut to help his employees?” They said, selfless, loving and caring. “What do you call that date that only wants to talk about you?” Loving, they said. And so I asked them, “Which would you rather be with, the person that’s like the left or the person that’s like the right, and what’s the difference between the two?” And they said the main difference was the word selflessness.  See everything on the right side, they’re selfless, right? We want to follow someone that is selfless. We want to be with people that are selfless not selfish. At the core of biblical teaching, leadership is about being selfless. We are going to talk about that this week. Are you a selfless leader or a selfish leader? Let’s get into it, alright? Have a great day!


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Pastor Craig Etheredge

Senior Pastor